July 16, 2019

The Length of the Citizenship Application Process

When you are considering an application for naturalization in the United States, you should discuss how the entire process works with an experienced citizenship lawyer in Orange County. Your attorney should explain what to expect, including how long the process may take.

The length of the citizenship application process will vary for different applicants based on several factors. Such factors can include any possible complications with your application and where you live. To minimize complication-based delays, you should always have your attorney assist you with every step of the application completion and filing. When it comes to where to live, the timeframe for your application will depend largely on the efficiency of the field office processing your case.

There has been a national trend of extending the processing time of citizenship applications in many parts of the country due to backlogs of applications. Some field offices, such as in Riverside, California, and Cleveland, Ohio, are reportedly processing applications in as little as four to five months. On the other hand, field offices in Austin, Texas, take over17 months, and other offices in the U.S. can take over two years. The field office for Orange County and Los Angeles  averages about one year.

Besides ensuring accuracy on your application and that you meet the necessary qualifications, there is little you can do to speed up how quickly an office processes your application. This is one reason why you may want to get the process started as soon as you know that you qualify for naturalization.

Discuss the Process with a Citizenship Lawyer in Orange County

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